During this performance a man dressed in a neon costume handles the laser, bending, stretching and revolving it. The artist may also draw the company logo with the laser in the end of this show. The sketch is exceptionally good for exhibitions or presentations.
If you got interested in this performance, contact our technical director, Aleksey, by the telephone number +7 921 965-02-56 as the sketch needs some special equipment to be used.
The character, who is wearing an unusual costume and walking a fish on a leash, finds a mask. After that he performs a dance that shows his underwater metaphors.  This greatly profound sketch was considered to be The Most Parabolical one in Switzerland and won the Grand Prize at International Festival of Humour “Yalta 2004”.   
If you want the artist to take part in your celebration, call us: +7-967-012-77-33, +7-916-196-54-54 (Moscow); +7-911-287-87-83 (St.-Petersburg). You can also email us: artist@vadimsavenkov.ru, artistsavenkov@gmail.com.
The performance requires a small stage (3x2 m)
The soundtrack is on a CD or a flash-card.