Do you believe in miracles?
Today you can meet a person, who can teach you to believe in them. Vadim Savenkov has been demonstrating miracles and magic for many years. At first it was the magic of his plastic body, which he used at the performances with such artists and sportsmen as Evgeni Plushenko, Alla Duchova's “Todes” Ballet, Zara, pop-group Tschaj Vdvoem and others. Then Vadim, as a director, brought several fairy tales to life on ice. He staged different ice shows – “Alice in wonderland on ice” and “The Musicians of Bremen on ice” are among them. These days he continues to amaze spectators  of Variety Theatre named after Arkadiy Raikin and State Kremlin Palace. Vadim's unique technique is unforgettable, it impresses people all over the world. Astonishing flexibility of Vadim's body, his acting and tricks blow viewers away. Vadim Savenkov is the winner of different international professional contests. He worked with Russian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Finnish, Israeli, Swiss, Chinese, South Korean tv-crews, took part in the filmmaking process, theatrical performances and other different events. Vadim Savenkov works his magic for everyone!
Here are some actions that Vadim can offer. You can invite the artist to take part in your event! Get in touch with us, we won't hesitate to answer!